Chest Exercises for Every Part of the Chest Muscle

While I was searching to fix my unbalanced chest I was looking for a chest exercises blueprint so I would know what exercise I need to do for each part of my chest. If I wanted to work on my outer upper chest or inner upper chest and so on with the middle and lower chest.

This infographic will teach you how every chest exercise affects the chest muscle fibers. You can build a complete chest workout according to your chest muscle needs.
The principal is simple:

Wide grip works more on your wide part of your body (and chest) and close grip works more on your inner part. And if you want to target the upper part of your chest you need to set a positive angle (more than 30) and for lower chest negative angle.

So here is the Chest Blueprint.. Hope you it will sort things out!

if you want to see exactly how every muscle is affected by every exercise you should get this book : Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition.

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Chest Exercises

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Chest Exercises for Every Part of the Chest Muscle
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