15 Mistakes to Lagging Upper Chest

1. Sticking with Flat Barbell Chest Press as the main chest exercise

Starting your chest workout with it. Most guys jump into the flat bench as soon as they enter the gym and that is not good for your upper chest. Start with incline barbell bench press and other mass building upper chest exercises when you are fresh and having maximum energy.

2. Doing only ONE upper chest exercise in your workout

That doesn’t stimulate enough the upper pecs muscle and they will not grow. The upper chest needs more attentions and more work put into it.

3. Doing cardio before your lifting workout

That will cause a catabolic hormone release in your body that will burn your muscles and your upper pecs muscle that you are trying to build. Get your cardio after your workout and don’t overdo it for more than 20 minutes after your workout. If you want to be ripped split your cardio into multiple sessions during the day and do not more than one hour for a cardio session. Don’t forget to increase your protein and low carbs taking to support your body.

4. Not taking a fast absorbing protein shake after your workout

That will cause a delayed muscle building and even getting into a catabolic state mentioned above.

protein shake

5. Not dedicating an entire upper chest workout

That and not putting the upper chest as the main chest workout.

6. Not stretching your upper chest at the end of your chest workout

Stretching will make your muscles more elastic, less stiff and will make your muscle recover faster to the nest chest workout.

7. Not training your back

The back muscles are opposite to the chest muscles and support them. Working on your lats will make your upper chest workout easier and better.

A wide back will give more room to widen your chest

8. Not doing upper chest active recovery exercises

Active recovery gets blood to the muscles and getting them to recover faster.

9. Not eating enough macros during the day

With small amounts of low carbs and protein the upper chest will not grow as it would if you eat regularly and sufficiently.

10. Not Starting with a mass building upper chest exercise

You should tunnel your freshness and energy in a mass building upper pec exercise to maximize your upper chest growth. exercises such as : Incline Bench Press etc..

11. Not alternating upper chest exercises

When you alternate you upper chest exercises you are hitting those upper pecs muscle fibers from many angles which will get them to respond better to your efforts.

12. Not lifting heavy weights

When working on your upper pecs it is crucial that you lift heavy weights with small reps. you should lift as heavy as you can aiming for 6 reps.

13. Not putting your shoulders back and pumping up your chest

The upper pecs are hidden between your shoulders so take your shoulders backwards and bust your chest to hit the chest and not work your shoulders.

Arnold was a king at letting the barbell sit at his upper chest

14. Not training your Legs

Your legs are the biggest muscle in your body. If you are not doing a complete leg workout not only that you will have an unbalanced upper/lower body, you will miss growth hormone release that will affect all your muscles at building phase in growth and recovery.

15. Not Doing Low to High Cable Crossover

This is one of those exercises that are not replaceable, the low to high cable crossover targets the upper chest like no other and should be included with every upper chest program.

15 Mistakes to Lagging Upper Chest
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