Lose Fat without Losing Muscle

lose fat no muscccle

While you can lose fat by not eating at all but then your body can look very odd and grumpy. This fat losing tips are for people that want the complete solution with the upper chest training workout. While everyone knows that this is the hardest part for every person and a bodybuilder is to gain muscle and to lose fat at the same time. To build muscle you need to have a positive calorie intake so your muscles will have enough nutrients to build new muscle, and to lose some fat you need to be in a negative intake of your daily total macros so your body will be forced to drop some weight.

Here is a few tips that will help you lose fat and stay muscular:

  1. Never get too hungry

When you are hungry you just want to eat and you care less about your diet. You need to have planned meals so you will not get tempted to fall for junk food that happened to be there.

  1. Eat carbs mostly around your workout

You need to lose weight and the only macro you need to give away is carbohydrates, you are not giving up on your fats and defiantly not on your precious protein. So when you eat carbs before and after your workout you utilize them only for workout energy (before) and building muscle (after). In all your other meals you should be increasing your protein intake so your body will not burn your muscle because he needs energy.

  1. Your diet starts at the supermarket

If you just can’t lose weight and you always have fat on your belly you should really clean things up. If you continue to buy junk food and candy it’s not going to work. If you are entering enemies in your house don’t be surprised if you are losing.  If you buy only healthy food nothing will tempt you at your own home.

  1. Do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach

If you need to burn some fat the morning is a good time because your body don’t have any energy so he will have to burn fat cells and produce energy from your fat. If you are afraid of losing muscle take a protein shake with water and no carbs and then do your cardio. Don’t go over 30 minutes or you will get dizzy and your body could burn muscle also.

  1. Find a clean replacement for every craving you have

So we took out all the enemies from our house and now we crave for something sweet or salty, what should we do? Well don’t get out of your house and buy ice cream cause what’s the point of cleaning your house from junk.

You need to have in your house a clean healthy solution. If you want something sweet eat an apple or a tasty protein shake. You need to find healthy food that you like and make the cravings go away.


  1. Do cardio after your workout

Same as morning workout, your body don’t have energy because you worked hard and used all your carbs, so your body now turns into some nice juicy fat cells for energy. 30 minutes again is enough because you don’t want your body in a catabolic state too long or it will be burn your muscles also.

  1. Implement the Zigzag diet principle

The Zigzag diet is simple. On your training days eat a little more carbs and on your rest days eat less carbs. That way your week’s diet is balanced and much more efficient.

  1. Do not cheat on your diet

The problem is not that one time cheat. Like most love cheaters they tend to continue cheating because one little psychology thing: “They already did it once so one more time doesn’t matter”. When you cheat it usually becomes a habit so you better won’t start with it at the first place.

  1. Train lighter and longer

IF you are losing weight you are not in a building phase so you are eating less and your body is weaker. Because of that you should train longer with lighter weights. A 90 minutes workout really does the work for me. Many trainers say don’t train more than 60 minutes but I got ripped from longer workouts. Use BCAA’s to support your muscle with fast amino acids straight to your muscles.

  1. Use all protein shake variations wisely

I’m hooked up on protein shakes because it’s tasty and it has very low amounts of carbs. Most beginners at training don’t know but there are different types of protein and different types of protein release time. There are fast, medium and slow absorbing protein release. I use them whenever I need instead of meals. In the morning and after workout I use the fast absorbing type and when I’m hungry between meals I use the medium protein release, before bed I use the slow release that keeps the protein breakdown up to 8 hours.


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Lose Fat without Losing Muscle
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